Will it cost me money to come to TSVH?

The TSVH accepts private payment, Medicare, Tennessee Medicaid, most Private Insurance, and VA higher per diem for long term care room and board and billable ancillary cost.  Ancillary costs are those billed to private pay residents and to Medicare Part B and include therapy, pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology services.

The daily room rates for the four homes for fiscal year 2020 are as follows:

Room TypeMurfreesboroHumboldtKnoxvilleClarksville
Skilled care, semi-private room$310$310$310N/A
Skilled care, private room$330$330$330$330
Intermediate care, semi-private room$275$275$275N/A
Intermediate care, private room$295$295$295


The TSVH receives a basic per diem rate, currently $115.62, from the VA for each eligible veteran.  For eligible qualified veterans who pay privately for their care, The TSVHB applies the VA basic per diem towards the veterans private pay resident’s bill, reducing the out-of-pocket daily room rates as follows:

Room Type

Murfreesboro Humboldt Knoxville Clarksville
Skilled care, semi-private room $194.38 $194.38 $194.38 N/A
Skilled care, private room $214.38 $214.38 $214.38 $214.38
Intermediate care, semi-private room $159.38 $159.38 $159.38 N/A
Intermediate care, private room $179.38 $179.38 $179.38 $179.38

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a higher per diem program to state homes that provide nursing home care to eligible veterans.  The higher per diem program is only available to eligible veterans and not to spouses, widows/widowers, or gold star parents.

Higher per diem based on service-connected Disabilities

The VA will pay a facility recognized as a State Veterans’ Home for nursing home care a different per diem for a veteran:

      a. who is in need of nursing home care for a VA adjudicated service-connected disability, or
      b. who has a singular or combined rating of 70 percent or more based on one or more service-connected disabilities or a rating of total disability                 based on individual un-employability and is in need of nursing home care. 

Payment for care under this program constitutes payment in full for all routine nursing home care provided to the veteran in the state nursing home. As a condition for receiving this per diem, the veteran must receive medications through the state nursing home rather than from the VA. The veteran must also utilize the VA for any services not provided by the nursing home, such as hospital care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses. If the veteran chooses to utilize other service providers, the veteran will be responsible for payment for those services. 


In addition to the per diem payments discussed above, the VA will also furnish drugs and medicines to a facility recognized as a state veterans home that are ordered by a duly licensed physician as specific therapy in the treatment of illness of injury for a veteran receiving care in a state home if the veteran:   

        a. has a singular or combined rating of less than 50 percent based on one or more service-connected disabilities and is in need of such drugs and              medicines for a service-connected disability and is in need of nursing home care for reasons that do not include care for a VA adjudicated                        service-connected disability; or
        b. has a singular or combined rating of 50 or 60 percent based on one or more service-connected disabilities and is in need of such drugs and                     medicines and is in need of nursing home care for reasons that do not include care for a VA adjudicated service-connected disability.

The drug or medicine must be included in the VA’s national formulary unless the VA determines a non-formulary drug or medicine is medically necessary.

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