Doug Ottinger

Resident Care


WE BELIEVE in the inherent right of each elderly or handicapped person to receive the highest quality of health care available.

WE BELIEVE in recognizing that these residents have made many valuable and worthwhile contributions to society and therefore deserve the highest degree of respect and dignity that can be provided.

WE BELIEVE in maximum independence, the attainment of each resident's full potential and in the hope that the opportunity to explore new interests will contribute to each resident's health and happiness.

WE BELIEVE quality resident care in every area must be our primary goal, and that our trained, dedicated staff of professionals of every level are actively involved in maintaining the highest standards, ethics, and performance in the long term care industry.

The Tennessee State Veterans Homes Board is authorized by its establishing legislation to receive and manage contributions to the Tennessee State Veterans Homes for the purpose of supporting the homes, their residents and activities. These contributions have been used to support such programs as the Eden Alternative through which pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, and other small animals) are brought into the facilities for our residents' enjoyment.

Plants, gardening, and other activities that promote a home-like atmosphere are also supported. Holiday celebrations, day trips, and special in-house activities are funded, and needed services (i.e., dental care, wheelchairs, etc.) are provided for residents.

Facility specific contributions are disbursed to the designated facility for those activities or services that provide for a direct benefit by our residents. General funds are retained for the benefit of and are disbursed to the facilities on the basis of need.